The word ERGHANI is an adjective used by ancient Greeks for goddess ATHENA in order to symbolize the combination of physical and intellectual labour. The company ERGHANI was originally established as a pharmaceutical company in 1931 by NIKOS ZYGOUROPOULOS, grandfather of the present managers and shareholders.

The first ERGANI mainly dealt with imports, as well as distribution and promotion of pharmaceutical instruments, products and devices.

The company survived during World War II, but the death of its founder during the sixties put an end to its course. However, Panos Zygouropoulos, son and employee of Nikos, remained in the Pharmaceutical field and soon got involved in the ophthalmological market. As a director of Eastern Mediterranean sector for Allergan Inc. he was supervising and managing the distribution companies of Allegan in Greece, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus, from 1980 to 1996.

From 1996 to 2009 Panos worked as a business consultant in several leading companies, introducing many innovative products in the Greek market, such as Glaucoma Valves, Corneal Implants, Membranes, Artificial Eyes, and many other.

Nicholas Zygouropoulos, Pano’s son, after three years of successful career as a sales supervisor for Allergan’s surgical products in Greece, decided to re-establish his grandfather’s company ERGHANI, as it stands in its present state.


ERGHANI, imports distributes and promotes foreign companies in the Greek ophthalmologic market (surgical, optical, OTC). The company was established in April 1995. The company today offers a complete range of quality products and is aiming to continuous extention and enrichment of its product portfolio.


ERGHANI’s customers are Government Hospitals, University Clinics, Private Clinics, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Opticians, Private Doctors & Pharmacies. ERGHANI is covering 100% of the Greek market.


ERGHANI’s logistics are well organized and supported by a warehousing administration system, that offers electronic data communication as well as other services such as labeling, inventory control and statistical reports. All products are monitored through a lot/serial number track system so that they can be traced at any given time.


ERGHANI is certified with ISO 9001:2015, since 1999. According to its standards a company manages and follows the international quality regulations concerning purchasing, warehousing, reselling and distribution of the products, while at the same time is offering optimum customer satisfaction.

The company through these quality regulations is committed for the following:

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